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To buy a high standard professional accordion online is easy, safe and convenient.
Here's how:

  • Request a free quote by sending the free quote form specifying the model with all the special features.
  • You will receive your quotation within 48 hours directly by e-mail.
  • Our quotation will remain valid for 30 days. Should you decide to buy you may do so by simply sending back the received quote and if required, you will be contacted by telephone for further technical clarifications. You may pay for the accordion by credit card or directly to the courier at the time of receipt. A simple and safe practice.

Safety and reliability.
Here's how:

  • Fisitalia is a well known and registered trademark
    Fisitalia guarantee of origin and quality certification
    Fisitalia catalogue
  • Fisitalia Secure Payment
  • Secure Transport
  • Total assistance in case of need. Our courier will withdraw the accordion - even for service and repair under guarantee in our factory! This is a guarantee of quality.
  • Fisitalia "seriousness and total reliability" demonstrated in an unique way: refund of YOUR money in case the accordion purchased does not meet with the specifications or the quality of the instrument described!

Do not trust any online purchases without the above listed guarantees! Any serious company will always ensure you these above described 7 points.

Now if you wish you may request a free quote!

Fisitalia ONLINE SERVICE is available ONLY in countries without distributors!

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